Mobility Solution

Mobility delivered by Mobility Services Engine-MSECisco/Meraki Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX).
• Mobility within building or campus—Facilitates implementation of applications that require an always-on network and that tend to involve movement within a campus environment.
• Convenience—Simplifies networking of large, open people areas.
• Flexibility—Allows work to be done at the most appropriate or convenient place rather than where a cable drop terminates. Getting the work done is what is important, not where you are.

Analyze visitor behavior on site : Learn how people use your venue. Then let that guide your business decisions.
Engage on a more personal level : Give visitors a better experience. Use location apps to deliver information they want.
Make guest Wi-Fi access easier : Create an easy login portal and onboard guests with our simple templates.
Track assets with ease : Locate equipment and people quickly and accurately.

Inspiration strikes when you least expect it. Ideas do not always come to you at your desk. You may be in a meeting, in an elevator, or at lunch. In a BYOD workplace, your devices move with you instead of being left behind.

Provide more work options : Give employees the flexibility to work where and when they want.
Streamline operations : Decrease company expenditures, alleviate work delays, and lower operating costs.
Strengthen security : Reduce your employees' risk of introducing malware or losing sensitive data.
Help your staff get more done :Improve collaboration and productivity with greater speed and efficiency.