About us

Headed by a visionary management team, Advanced Data Systems aims to:

  • Advanced Data Systems is an Information and Smart Technology Solutions Provider which was founded in 2013. We leverage different field of expertise to attend to our customers’ needs and to assist and assure our customer in achieving their diverse goals.
  • Advanced Data Systems provide full end-to-end service and we look forward to build mutually beneficial long-term partnerships
  • Advanced Data Systems consistently improve on and lead the Collaborations , Data Center , Security , &Mobility industry into a new generation of information communications underscored with value-added experience, innovative products of the highest quality, and professional, reliable customer service.
  • Advanced Data Systems maintain its position as a leading player and reputable partner in the industry by providing uncompromised dedication and focus on quality as well as service efficiency.
  • Advanced Data Systems offers a vast range of products and services which are cost-wise, saving customers time and money. A team of certified engineers as well as architects &consultants are always available to provide our customer the best solutions to the IT &business requirements.
  • Advanced Data Systems partnerships with leading international companies also provide more comfort and confidence to our customers.

Advanced Data Systems is committed to:

  • Be a leading, reputable Data communications system &Smart technology provider with a distinct competitive edge through the use of cutting edge technologies and solutions.
  • Consistently seek the most cost-efficient answers to the challenges that arise and identify any opportunities in the Collaboration (e.g. IP Telephony , Video Conferencing , Telepresence , &WebEx), Next Generation Data Center , LAN & WAN Infrastructure , next generation security technique ,  mobility and other communications industry to provide clients with the best solutions.
  • Achieve a higher level of efficiency in customer service and satisfaction, which is key to developing long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships.


We believe in providing world-class services and products to the full satisfaction of our customers. We pursue technological advances to deliver responsive, cost effective products and services. We are determining to eliminate inefficiency, complexity and barriers to delivering world-class service. We believe that our people are our grates assets. We provide an environment that encourages personal growths and professional development. Every individual is given the opportunity to develop his or her potential in a challenging, rewarding and creative work environment.


• Highly professional, dedicated and certified technical team.

• Large loyal and satisfied customer base.

• Solid financial ability.

• Exchange and availability of expertise and knowledge gained in different territories.

• Reliable and stable performance.

• Quality control and support services especially after Sales