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We believe in providing world-class services and products to the full satisfaction of our customers. We pursue technological advances to deliver responsive, cost effective products and services.

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  • Exchange and availability of expertise and knowledge gained in different territories.
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Your enterprise network is more than the LANs, WANs, routers and switches it consists of. It’s even more than a productivity tool. It also creates agility and competitiveness for your business. Yes, network integration is a means to an end – a way to get information flowing smoothly and quickly between your employees, customers and partners. But it can also make you money.To do what it does best, your business depends on network infrastructure. Advanced Data Systems thinks about the potential of your network every day.


The concept of a traditional work space has changed, employees are no longer confined to the four walls of their office. Collaborative tools enable organizations to keep up with new definitions of the working environment, without having to compromise on productivity or security. Investing in collaboration solutions that match the culture of your organization is vital to the long-term viability of the solution. Advanced Data Systems Business and Solution Architects design and deliver collaboration strategies that are specific to each requirements.


The risks businesses face from data leakages or more malicious cyber crime mean the importance of a comprehensive IT security solution is unprecedented . Security solutions and services are complex but necessary technologies To ensure they operate effectively however, you need specialist knowledge, and for many organizations keeping on top of this skill set is too costly and resource-intensive. Advanced Data Systems security practice offers you complete support, from the design stage into deployment,then throughout lifestyle of the solution.

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Optimize infrastructure Increase performance, scale, and security. Simplify operations Get automation, unified policy, and support from more than 50 ecosystem partners. Build a cloud-native app stack Take full advantage of containers and self-service DevOps tools. Choose your hybrid cloud Securely move data and workloads, extend policy on premises and in clouds, and benchmark application performance. Access real-time analytics Monitor every flow and application dependency, on premises and in the clou

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Ministry Of Hajj And Umra Makkah - Jeddah
EMAAR The Economic City KAEC - Jeddah
Royal Commission For Jubail and Yanbu Yanbu
Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Jeddah
King Abdalla Economic City KAEC
Holly Makkah Municipality Makkah
King Abdulaziz University Jeddah
Albaha University Albaha
Umm Al-Qura University Makkah


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